Thursday, May 25, 2017

new blog | next show may 27 at lot 1

Well I guess blogger changed and now I can't get to the old blog ( so here's a new one!

We are excited for our next show coming up this Saturday, May 27th at Lot 1 in Echo Park! We are on first at 9pm and it's with Super 78 and Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings. Here is the facebook event page for it  It's 21+ and I believe there is a $5 cover. Come on out if you can!

We are also working in finishing up our 5th album "Delusion Days." What we have of it so far is up on bandcamp here:

Here is a picture from the last show we played, 5/7 at Urban Americana in Long Beach as part of Happy Sundays. 

Here is the OC Weekly article about that show that we were mentioned and quoted in:
I wasn't really expecting the article to talk about the '92 riots. I was born and raised in Long Beach but was only 9 when those riots happened. To me they seemed far away, since I watched them on TV, and I wasn't aware that LB had its share of it. Call it blissful ignorance or sheltering I suppose. Anyway, that show was fun despite a storm rolling through, which had us sorta paranoid about our gear getting wet. It sprinkled before we went on, but luckily it started pouring only after we played, and the last band got to play inside. It's fun to play outside and someone said they heard us from a couple blocks away, but I have a real fear in general of getting electrocuted and having potentially wet gear wasn't helping with that! Still it was good to play and see some friends. 
As you can see, there were a lot of bands at 3 different venues but all within a few blocks of each other. It was a great idea and it was really cool to be included, especially since we live right in the neighborhood, so thanks again to Scott and Julia for having us, and for Azy at From The Moon for facilitating!

I suppose that's it for now...thanks for reading. -Sarah   

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